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Work Without Stress: Building a Resilient Mindset for Lasting Success

Why do some people get stressed while others stay resilient? The research identifies that the process of rumination—thinking over and over about events from the past or the future and attaching negative emotions to them—is what causes stress and not the events themselves. In this book, readers will learn how to regain control of their attention, get things back into perspective by practicing detachment, and let go of the negative thinking that compromises their health and productivity. With practice, you will learn how to stay calm, focused, and in control—in other words, how to become more resilient.

Learn more from the Center for Creative Leadership faculty member Nick Petrie in these videos as he explores why some of us are stressed.

Pressure vs. Stress: What’s the Difference?

3 Ways Stress Affects You. 


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Product Specifications
Table of Contents

Product Specifications:

  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • Stock Number (Print): 002446
  • ISBN Number (Print): 978-1-259-64296-8
  • Author: Derek Roger, PhD, and Nick Petrie
  • Copyright: ©2016
  • Number of Pages: 199 Pages

Table of Contents

Work Without Stress: Building A Resilient Mindset For Lasting Success, McGraw-Hill, 2016
Acknowledgements vii
A New Way to Think About Stress and Resilience 1
Waking Up 23
Controlling attention 47
Becoming Detached and Letting Go 75
Developing a Resilient Personality 101
Resilient Communication and Leading Change 143
Conclusion: Pulling it All Together 161
Appendix: The Resilience Research Program 169
Index 199