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Transformations Coaching Package - Updated (beta)

Transformations™ is a versatile tool for enabling insightful reflections and conversations about human development at the individual and collective levels.

A single Transformations™ box (as described below) is adequate for a maximum of 5-6 people to share in the same session. 

Transformations™ is designed to engage all ages and backgrounds. 

Transformations™ consists of two main decks of cards for depicting life journeys and exploring life transformations: 

  • Life Logics cards (84) illustrate the ways that people make sense of the world with increasing maturity across seven transformations. 
  • Catalyst cards (50) illustrate things that happen as people learn, grow, and change. 

This latest, tarot-card size (2.75" x 4.75") version of Transformations™ is now equipped with the following additional sub-decks:

  • Vertical Self-Estimate™ deck of 7 cards, supporting the identification of center of gravity, emergent, and fallback action logics
  • Visual Explorer® deck of 12 cards with images that are evocative of the seven transformations
  • Leadership Essentials™ deck describing 5 essentials of leadership (DAC, vertical, leadership culture, leadership strategy, and action inquiry)
  • Instructions / Activity deck of 9 cards describing a variety of applications

Use Transformations™ with the activities and questions provided, and by creating your own. 


Price: $400.00


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