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RSVP Design

CCL has partnered with RSVP Design to offer experiential learning resources for developing personal development, team, management, leadership and facilitation skills.

RSVP Design has more than 30 years of experience in the UK and around the world, developing interactive tools that address specific needs that are common in organizational life.

This is an excellent opportunity to add some new tools to your arsenal as a workshop facilitator. You'll find a broad range of options, from simple ice-breaker activities to full-day workshops.


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Price: $389.00   


Price: $18.00   

Challenging Assumptions

Price: $259.00   

Seeing the Point

Price: $74.00   

Colourblind Plus

Price: $389.00   


Price: $479.00   

Breakthrough Thinking Workshop

Price: $749.00   

Learning Squared

Price: $239.00   


Price: $599.00   


Price: $599.00   

Voyage Mapping - Individual Coaching Version

Price: $434.00   

Mosaic Diversity Activity

Price: $569.00   

Top Priority

Price: $4,500.00   


Price: $539.00   
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