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Labs@CCL showcases the latest services, experientials, and tools when they have been developed to beta level. We offer the beta versions at reasonable prices. In return, we seek your help in testing them with your clients and participants. We request your feedback to improve these tools and to develop best practices for their use. Contact us for more information by sending questions to or

The Labs@CCL mission is about rapid prototyping emerging leadership solutions, in community with passionate practitioners.

Labs@CCL aims to graduate tools that are both cutting edge and well-tested into the CCL portfolio. Visual Explorer, Leadership Metaphor Explorer, and Experience Explorer are graduates of Labs@CCL.



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Values Explorer (beta)

Price: $30.00   

Boundary Explorer (beta)

Price: $30.00   

Boundary Spanning Leadership Tactics for Success Workbook (beta)

Price: $30.00   

Boundary Spanning Leadership Toolkit (beta)

Price: $30.00   

Boundary Explorer Facilitator's Package (beta)

Price: $60.00   

Wisdom Explorer (beta)

Price: $125.00   

Early Leadership Toolkit

Price: $750.00   

Visual Explorer - Special Edition 8.5 x 11 Size Deck (Cards & Box)

Price: $250.00   

Transformations: Coaching Package (beta)

Price: $400.00   

Leadership Essentials For Change Card Deck (22-Cards Only) (2016 ver)

Price: $30.00   

Visual Explorer Special Edition Post Card Size Deck (Cards & Box)

Price: $250.00   

Transformations: Facilitator's Package (beta)

Price: $1,200.00   

Emotions Explorer Card Deck (65-Cards + plastic case) (beta)

Price: $30.00   

Boundary Explorer Facilitator's Guide (beta)

Price: $30.00   

Embracing Future Trends (beta)

Price: $30.00   

Visual Explorer Coloring Book (beta)

Price: $12.95   

F_rther (beta)

Price: $49.00   

Road Trip™ Game (beta)

Price: $49.00   
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