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Drawn from the knowledge that the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) has generated for more than forty years of research and educational activity conducted in partnership with thousands of managers, executives, and those developing leaders, CCL's resources for training and HR professionals give leaders new and existing tools to help leaders develop.

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Visual Explorer Facilitator’s Set: Postcard Size (6in x 4in)

Price: $340.00   

Campbell Leadership Descriptor Participant Workbook & Survey

Price: $38.00   

Visual Explorer Facilitator’s Set: Letter Size (8.5in x 11in)

Price: $380.00   

Campbell Leadership Descriptor Survey (Print)

Price: $19.00   

Learning Tactics Inventory Participant Workbook and Survey

Price: $28.00   

Job Challenge Profile Participant Workbook & Survey

Price: $31.00   

Experience Explorer™ Card Deck

Price: $50.00   

Leadership Metaphor Explorer Facilitator’s Guide Set

Price: $175.00   

Leading Through Transitions: Participant Workbook, 1-Day

Price: $60.00   

Visual Explorer Facilitator’s Set: Playing-Card Size (2.5in x 3.5in)

Price: $320.00   

Job Challenge Profile Survey

Price: $17.00   

Campbell Leadership Descriptor Facilitator’s Guide Package (Print Format)

Price: $63.00   

Visual Explorer™ Facilitator's Guide

Price: $25.00   

Leading Through Transitions: Participant Workbook, 2-Day

Price: $117.00   

Leading Through Transitions: Facilitator's Guide and Leading With Authenticity in Times of Transition Book Kit

Price: $249.00   

Feedback that Works: Coach With Conversations + Introductory Guidebook Package Offer

Price: $50.00   

Job Challenge Profile Facilitator's Guide Package

Price: $51.00   

Experience Explorer™ Facilitator's Guide

Price: $25.00   

Learning Tactics Inventory Facilitator's Guide Package

Price: $50.00   

Authentic Leadership Paradox Wheel Poster

Price: $19.00   
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