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Assessment Tools & Resources

Our self-assessment tools provide immediate insight for individual in a number of leadership areas:

  • WorkLife Indicator - assesses an individual's approach for managing the boundaries between work and family.
  • Campbell Leadership Descriptor - is designed to help individuals identify characteristics for successful leadership, recognize their strengths and identify areas for improvement.
  • Job Challenge Profile - is designed for managers and executives to help them understand and use their job assignments as opportunities to develop valuable skills.
  • Learning Tactics Inventory - profiles a person's preferred learning behavior, outlines the consequences of overuse of each tactic, and explores ways to adopt new learning strategies and behaviors.

Additional Resources:

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WorkLife Indicator™

Price: $30.00   

Campbell Leadership Descriptor Participant Workbook & Survey

Price: $24.00   

Learning Tactics Inventory Participant Workbook and Survey

Price: $28.00   

Leadership Metaphor Explorer Facilitator’s Guide Set

Price: $175.00   

Campbell Leadership Descriptor Facilitator’s Guide Package (Print Format)

Price: $63.00   

Job Challenge Profile Participant Workbook

Price: $24.00   

Learning Tactics Inventory Facilitator's Guide Package

Price: $50.00   

Benchmarks by Design Card Set

Price: $60.00   

Job Challenge Profile Facilitator's Guide Package

Price: $51.00   
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