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Leading the Organization

The Leading the Organization category covers the top executives, senior officials, and leaders of the organization. Offerings targeted at this level are designed to address the unique challenges and behavior competencies identified by CCL as most critical to success at that level. Examples of some of the competencies covered at this level include creating strategic alignment, creating and articulating a vision, leading the culture, executive image, catalyzing change, and developing a leadership and talent strategy aligned with business strategy.

Based on CCL's Leader Development Roadmap, the organization has been broken into 5 distinct levels, covering everyone from non-managers to Presidents and CEOs. The Leader Development Roadmap was developed through the research and experience CCL has developed from 50 years of work with more 1 million professionals, managers, and executives covering 100 countries around the world.

Common across all levels of the Leader Development Roadmap are CCL's Fundamental Four Leader Competencies, which include self-awareness, learning agility, influence, and communication. While the Fundamental Four is addressed at each leader level, the application of those competencies is different for each level of the roadmap.

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Leadership at the Peak
Leadership at the Peak

Leadership at the Peak is dedicated to helping executives in the C-suite or on the senior executive team address the unique challenges experienced by those at the top of the organization.

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