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Kick Some Glass: 10 Ways Women Succeed at Work on Their Own Terms (Includes Seven Keys to Successful Mentoring)

Whether you’re stuck in middle management, stalled in mid-career, or mulling over a major career change, sometimes the proverbial glass ceiling feels very real indeed―a barrier keeping you from fulfilling your potential.

Unlike other books, which focus on fixing you, Kick Some Glass empowers you to break through your glass ceiling and guides you toward understanding your context and uncovering what you really want, what your definition of success is, what your values are, and how to set the goals to reach your potential.

Best of all, you’ll be able to map out a career course for yourself that is based on your own definition of success, play and win by your own rules, and pay it forward by busting down doors for the next generation of women. 

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For a limited time, your purchase of a printed book includes Seven Keys to Successful Mentoring while supplies last (a $15.95 value).  

Both mentors and mentees realize many benefits from mentoring, as do organizations that encourage, structure, and support mentoring. Effective mentors develop the leadership capacity of their mentees while increasing their own skills. They transfer their knowledge and expertise back into their organizations. They nurture the alignment between employee aspirations and organizational imperatives, and they create depth and loyalty within their organizations. Leaders who take mentoring seriously and handle it effectively have a profound impact.


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