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The Gratitude Journal: A Journey to Self-Discovery

The Gratitude Journal: A Journey to Self-Discovery increases your self-clarity by using the practice of gratitude to help you identify your preferences, strengths, weaknesses, and priorities. Pages are inserted throughout the journal to help you recognize patterns and rate your overall contentment with your life. As an added bonus, you will find nuggets at the bottom of each journal page themed around a different holistic approaches to help develop your ability to observe, modify, and regulate mental processes.

The nuggets consist of wisdom quotes, holistic wellness tips, research facts, 5-minute recharge exercises, and resources tools for further development. They are grouped in 10 themes that cover Gratitude, Mindfulness & Breathing, Exercise, Sleep, & Nutrition, Sensation & Emotion Investigation, Optimism, Self-Talk, Positive Distractions, Social Connections, Acts of Kindness, and Authenticity.

Contains 140 journal pages, or 10 weeks, plus 3 pages of references.


Price: $22.00


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