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Feedback that Works: Coach With Conversations + Introductory Guidebook Package Offer

Introductory Offer: Feedback Guidebook Package FREE! (A $39.95 value for 4 Guidebooks to reinforce & support the receipt and delivery of SBI feedback)

This "Lead it Yourself" facilitator tool will serve as a guide to actively instruct others to deliver Situation-Behavior-Impact (SBI) feedback in real-world settings. The content is based on CCL’s proven SBI method for creating and giving developmental feedback that works. Included in this teaching aid are 50 tear-off sheets with tips for practicing feedback in the SBI style on one side and space to write a piece of SBI-style feedback on the reverse. The practice sheets will help people learn how to create and give effective developmental feedback.


Price: $50.00


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Table of Contents
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Feedback that Works: Coach With Conversations

How to Use These Cards Page 2
Types of Feedback 4
SBI Feedback 5
SBI Chart 6
Practicing SBI 7
Giving SBI Feedback 8
Receiving SBI Feedback 9
Possible Feedback Questions 10
Positive Impact Words 11
Negative Impact Words 12
Ten Common SBI Mistakes 13
Common SBI Mistake #1 14
Common SBI Mistake #2 15
Common SBI Mistake #3 16
Common SBI Mistake #4 17
Common SBI Mistake #5 18
Common SBI Mistake #6 19
Common SBI Mistake #7 20
Common SBI Mistake #8 21
Common SBI Mistake #9 22
Common SBI Mistake #10 23
SBI Practice Scenarios 24
Practice Scenario #1 25 A-B
Practice Scenario #2 26 A-B
Practice Scenario #3 27 A-B
Practice Scenario #4 28 A-B
Practice Scenario #5 29 A-B
Practice Scenario #6 30 A-B
Credits and Resources 31

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