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Experience Explorer™ Facilitator's Set

The Experience Explorer™ set includes a facilitator's guide and one deck of 99 cards. Experience Explorer™ equips a facilitator with a simple, energizing tool to help managers explore their most memorable workplace experiences and what they learned about leadership from those experiences.   This tool is based on proven research and offers the opportunity to accelerate leadership development - enhancing leaders' ability to learn from experience at all levels. Experience Explorer™ is much more than a personal inventory of experiences and lessons. It emphasizes the specific types of experiences and dimensions of lessons identified by CCL research as common to leading in organizations.

Experience Explorer requires that the facilitator and all participants have their own Experience Explorer™ Card Deck. Should more than one facilitator be involved within an organization or institution, additional Experience Explorer™ Facilitator's Guide: Yesterday’s Lessons to Tomorrow’s Success can be purchased in both print & eBook formats.


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