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CCL Bookshelf Account Setup

Create a CCL Bookshelf® Account to access all your Bookshelf services including Bookshelf for Mac and Windows®, iOS and Android™, Bookshelf Online.

Step 1: Go to and click the Create an Account link

CCL Bookshelf Create Account

Step 2: Enter your email address and click Next.

CCLBookshelf Email Signup

Step 3: Fill out the remaining information and click Create.

CCLBookshelf Create Account

Have a Bookshelf code? Here’s how to redeem it:

Step 1: After you’re logged in to your Bookshelf account at , click Redeem in the upper right hand corner.

CCL Bookshelf Redeem

Step 2: Enter your code in the pop-up window and click on Redeem.

CCL Bookshelf Redeem Code

If you experience any issues, visit for Customer Support, tutorial videos, how-to articles and more!