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Setting Your Development Goals: Start with Your Values

There are three main reasons why your goals may fail to inspire and motivate change. One, the goal isn't valued—you haven't committed your mind and heart. Two, your goal isn't specific—it's too broad and overwhelming. Three, your goal isn't supported—you don't have someone to be your coach, cheerleader, or mentor.


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  01/28/2014  |  Karen reynolds
The book starts off strong with some great checkpoints about goals. However, the emphasis on spiritual and other values does not translate well into the reality of setting business goals. In fact, the examples at the end are all personal goals. Overall there were only a few good takeaways. I went through this book with my leadership team made up of line managers and high performing individual contributors.

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  • Publisher: CCL Press
  • Stock Number (Print): 411
  • Stock Number (eBook): 411e
  • ISBN Number (Print): 978-1-882197-64-4
  • ISBN Number (eBook): 978-1-932973-1
  • Author: Bill Sternbergh, Sloan Weitzel
  • Copyright: ©2001
  • Number of Pages: 32 Pages

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Each guidebook in the Ideas Into Action Guidebook Series is aimed at managers and executives who are concerned with their own and others' development, and gives specific advice on how to complete a development task or solve a leadership problem.

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Table of Contents

Setting Your Development Goals: Start with Your Values, CCL Press, 2001
Why Carefully Chosen Goals Matter 7
Exploring Your Values 8
Looking at the Big Picture 9
Taking Action 22
Goal Planning Worksheet 27
Suggested Readings 28
Background 28
Key Point Summary 29

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