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Self-Paced Course: Adapting to Change

The purpose of this course is to help you explore the emotions that occur during change. You will likely pass through many different emotional stages during a change process. The internal and psychological process of reacting to change is called transition.

Change can best be understood as the situations and occurrences that impact individuals or organizations – such as a new boss or a shift in policy. Transition is the internal, psychological, and emotional process of adapting to a new situation. Transition can happen quickly or slowly, and different people experience transition in different ways.

Throughout this course, you'll explore how you and those around you experience change and transition during the three typical phases of change: Endings, Neutral Zone, and New Beginnings. Paying attention to your colleagues’ reactions to change can not only help you support them through transition, but can also help you identify these emotional reactions within yourself and how best to handle them.

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