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Positive Turbulence: Developing Climates for Creativity, Innovation, and Renewal

Asserting that creativity need not be random, the author outlines a proactive process for bringing new information into an organization, making sense of it, and translating it into novel ideas that are both useful and actionable. Along the way, he relates specific strategies that individuals, teams, and organizations can use to increase their receptivity to Positive Turbulence and employ it effectively.


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Product Specifications
Table of Contents

Product Specifications:

  • Publisher: Jossey-Bass Publishers
  • Stock Number (Print): 2031
  • Stock Number (eBook): N/A
  • ISBN Number (Print): 0-7879-1008-2
  • ISBN Number (eBook): N/A
  • Author: Stanley Gryskiewicz
  • Copyright: ©1999
  • Number of Pages: 191 Pages

Table of Contents

Positive Turbulence: Developing Climates for Creativity, Innovation, and Renewal, Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1999
Preface xv
Acknowledgments xxi
The Author xxv
Introduction 1
1. The Case for Positive Turbulence 5
2. The Dynamics of Positive Turbulence 121
3. Strategies for Increasing Receptivity to Positive Turbulence 39
4. Strategies for Developing Positive Turbulence in Teams 59
5. Strategies for Managing Positive Turbulence 81
6. Positive Turbulence in Action 115
Appendix A: Selected Resources 151
Appendix B: Targeted Innovation 177
References 187
Index 191