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Learning Agility: Unlock the Lessons of Experience

Experience is vital for a leader’s success, but merely having an experience (such as a challenging new job, a stretch assignment, or an unexpected hardship) isn’t enough. The best leaders know not just how to seek out developmental experiences, but how to extract the essential lessons within each experience and apply them to future situations. This book will walk you through a four step process for making the most out of your experiences. You will learn how to seek out beneficial experiences, make sense out of both old and new experiences, internalize the most useful lessons from each experience, and apply those lessons to new, unfamiliar, and challenging situations. By becoming learning agile, you’ll be able to use the lessons of experience to meet the challenges headed your way.

Read an excerpt by George Hallenbeck in Training magazine, "Understand the 4 Sets of Learning-Agility Behaviors".

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Product Specifications:

  • Publisher: CCL Press
  • Stock Number (Print): 00466
  • ISBN Number (Print): 978-1-60491-623-2
  • Stock Number (eBook): 00466e
  • ISBN Number (eBook): 978-1-60491-624-9
  • Author: George Hallenbeck
  • Copyright: ©2016
  • Number of Pages: 67 Pages

This guidebook is part of the popular Ideas Into Action Guidebook Series.

Each guidebook in the Ideas Into Action Guidebook Series is aimed at managers and executives who are concerned with their own and others' development, and gives specific advice on how to complete a development task or solve a leadership problem.

See Executive Guidebook Reader here for executive summaries of all guidebooks in the Ideas Into Action Guidebook Series.

Table of Contents

Learning Agility: Unlock the Lessons of Experience, CCL Press, 2016
Learning Agility in Action 1
“How do they do that?” 3
The Essential (But Incomplete) Role of Experience 6
Learning Agility: Four Practices, Endless Possibilities 10
Seeking 16
Sensemaking 33
Internalizing 43
Applying 53
Embracing the Learner’s Life 65
Background 66
Suggested Resources 67

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