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Leadership and Life Guidebook Package

This package is focused on different skill sets that enable individuals to better manage their life by aligning behavior with values; learning leadership and management skills from experiences outside of work; and developing a strategy to help individuals manage leadership stress and be more effective.

Included in the package are the following popular CCL Press guidebooks:


  • Managing Your Whole Life, by Marian N. Ruderman, Phillip W. Braddy, Kelly M. Hannum, and Ellen E. Kossek
  • Finding Your Balance, by Joan Gurvis and Gordon Patterson
  • Managing Leadership Stress, by Vidula Bal, Michael Campbell, and Sharon McDowell-Larsen
  • Learning from Life: Turning Life's Lessons into Leadership Experience, by Marian N. Ruderman and Patricia J. Ohlott


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Product Specifications
Table of Contents
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Product Specifications: Leadership and Life Guidebook Package

  • Publisher: CCL Press
  • Stock Number (Print): 782
  • Stock Number (eBook): N/A
  • ISBN Number (Print): N/A
  • ISBN Number (eBook): N/A
  • Author: Multiple authors
  • Copyright: Multiple copyright dates
  • Number of Pages: Number of pages varies by guidebook

Product Specifications: Finding Your Balance

  • Publisher: CCL Press
  • Stock Number (Print): 427
  • Stock Number (eBook): 427e
  • ISBN Number (Print): 978-1-882197-87-3
  • ISBN Number (eBook): 978-1-932973-62-4
  • Author: Robert B. Kaiser
  • Copyright: ©2004
  • Number of Pages: 31 Pages

Product Specifications: Managing Leadership Stress

  • Publisher: CCL Press
  • Stock Number (Print): 438
  • Stock Number (eBook): 438e
  • ISBN Number (Print): 978-1-60491-023-0
  • ISBN Number (eBook): 978-1-60491-024-7
  • Author: Vidula Bal, Michael Campbell, Sharon McDowell-Larsen
  • Copyright: ©2008
  • Number of Pages: 32 Pages

Product Specifications: Learning from Life: Turning Life's Lessons into Leadership Experience

  • Publisher: CCL Press
  • Stock Number (Print): 407
  • Stock Number (eBook): 407e
  • ISBN Number (Print): 978-1-882197-60-6
  • ISBN Number (eBook): 978-1-932973-07-5
  • Author: Marian Ruderman, Patricia Ohlott
  • Copyright: ©2000
  • Number of Pages: 30 Pages

Product Specifications: Managing Your Whole Life

  • Publisher: CCL Press
  • Stock Number (Print): 458
  • Stock Number (eBook): 458e
  • ISBN Number (Print): 978-1-60491-162-6
  • ISBN Number (eBook): 978-1-160491-163-3
  • Author: Marian N. Ruderman; Phillip W. Braddy; Kelly M. Hannum; & Ellen E. Kossek
  • Copyright: ©2013
  • Number of Pages: 31 Pages

Table of Contents

Finding Your Balance, CCL Press, 2004
Balancing Act
Assessment: Gaining Clarity
Time Journal
Other Views
Challenge: Making Changes
Supervisory Behavior
Support: Seeking Assistance
Awareness of Limits
Reality Sets In
Suggested Readings
Key Point Summary

Table of Contents

Managing Leadership Stress, CCL Press, 2008
The Stress of Leadership 7
Why Is Leadership Stressful? 8
Stress Assessment 13
When Stress Is Who, Not What 17
Handling Your Leadership Stress 20
Less Stress, Better Leadership 28
Suggested Readings 29
Background 29
Key Point Summary 31

Table of Contents

Learning from Life: Turning Life's Lessons into Leadership Experience, CCL Press, 2000
The Pull of Work and Life 7
What You Can Learn from Nonwork Experiences 8
How Private Life Promotes Leadership Development 15
What Work Experience Can Teach About Life Skills 22
Make It All Work Together 24
Serving as a Role Model 26
From Life to Work and Back Again 28
Suggested Readings 28
Background 29
Key Point Summary 30

Table of Contents

Managing Your Whole Life, CCL Press, 2013
Navigating the Work-Life Divide 7
The Importance of Managing Work-Life Boundaries 8
A New Approach for Managing Work-Life Boundaries 10
Building Your Own Approach to Boundary Management 17
Improving Your Boundary Management 18
Closing Thoughts 31
Background 31
Suggested Resources 31

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