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Leadership Metaphor Explorer Facilitator's Guide Only

A comprehensive guide to complement a facilitator’s use of the Leadership Metaphor Explorer tool - A dynamic, interactive tool designed to stimulate creative, insightful conversations in and among groups about leadership.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Leadership Metaphor Explorer Facilitator's Guide: Creative Conversations for Better Leadership,
CCL Press
Introduction 6
What Is Leadership Metaphor Explorer?                 6
What Does Leadership Metaphor Explorer Do?       8
Using Leadership Metaphor Explorer 10
How Does Leadership Metaphor Explorer Work?                  13
How Does Leadership Metaphor Explorer Address Leadership Types?  15
When Should Leadership Metaphor Explorer Be Used?             19
Why Should Leadership Metaphor Explorer Be Used?         19
Who Can Conduct a Leadership Metaphor Explorer Session?         20
Preparing for a Leadership Metaphor Explorer Session  21
Creating Effective Framing Questions                          22
Conducting a Leadership Metaphor Explorer Session 25
Step-by-Step Instructions                                    25
Options                                                 30
Leadership Metaphor Explorer Applications 33
Self-Coaching                                            34
One-on-One Coaching                                      36
Team Coaching                                           39
Business School Classroom                                 42
Leadership Strategy                                       45
Innovation Leadership                                      48
Leadership Culture                                        52
Talent Management                                        55
Boundary Spanning                                       57
Scenario Creation                                         61
Combining Leadership Metaphor Explorer and Visual Explorer   66
Discovery to Action                                       66
Future Scenarios                                         67
Mental Models                                           67
Skills for Contemporary Leadership                           69
References and Resources   71
Frequently Asked Questions  75
What Do the Metaphors Mean?   79