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KEYS® to Creativity and Innovation

KEYS® to Creativity and Innovation is a team and organizational assessment that measures the climate for creativity and innovation that exists in a work group, division or organization. It assesses the work environment; specifically the management practices, resources, motivations and interactions. It can be used to jump start creativity, to communicate the importance of creativity and innovation within an organization and as an assessment preceding any type of innovation or change intervention. Similar to a leader who receives 360-degree feedback to gain self-awareness, work groups and organizations need to assess their environment before implementing a development plan to improve the climate. KEYS to Creativity and Innovation can also be highly useful when organizational restructuring has been unsuccessful to bring about desired change.

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GSA MOBIS Schedule

(MOBIS) GSA Schedule 874

The Center for Creative Leadership is proud to be on the Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) GSA Schedule 874.

CCL provides Federal government clients with a wide range of off-the-shelf and customized MOBIS-related training services and products to include open-enrollment programs, management, organizational and business improvement services, and assessment products.

Our emphasis is on leadership training and development, and we consistently drive superior results through over 40 years of experience and research in the field and our unique approach to developing leadership talent for individuals and organizations to drive performance and results.


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Contract GS-02F-0077T


For more information about purchasing instruments or enrolling in our leadership programs, we welcome you to contact our qualified Client Service Associates at +1 800 780 1031 who can assist you with identifying resources for your needs as well as clarifying questions regarding our offerings or CCL as a (MOBIS) GSA schedule option.

If you are an employee of a participating (MOBIS) GSA agency, you may also select and verify GSA Schedule qualification during checkout to proceed with your assessment or open-enrollment program registration


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