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Feedback in Performance Reviews

Effective feedback is one of the most important components of successful performance reviews. Feedback is assessment data that either supports continuing to perform in some manner or targets a desirable change. This guidebook will help you provide performance review feedback that will be well received. It explains three feedback principles and four different types of feedback. Each of these four types is effective when used at the right time and for the right reasons, and they can be used in combination. This guidebook will help you understand when to use the different types of feedback and how to frame a complete feedback message. The rest is practice.


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Product Specifications
Table of Contents
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Product Specifications:

  • Publisher: CCL Press
  • Stock Number (Print): 450
  • Stock Number (eBook): 450e
  • ISBN Number (Print): 978-1-60491-114-5
  • ISBN Number (eBook): 978-1-60491-115-2
  • Author: Wayne Hart
  • Copyright: ©2011
  • Number of Pages: 32 Pages

Available from CCL Press as an individual guidebook in both print and Adobe Digital Edition eBook formats.

This guidebook is also part of the Full eBook Collection digitally and the popular Ideas Into Action Guidebook Series in print.

Each guidebook in the Ideas Into Action Guidebook Series is aimed at managers and executives who are concerned with their own and others' development, and gives specific advice on how to complete a development task or solve a leadership problem.

See Executive Guidebook Reader here for executive summaries of all guidebooks in the Ideas Into Action Guidebook Series.

Table of Contents

Feedback in Performance Reviews, CCL Press, 2011
Feedback Gone Awry 7
Reviewing Performance Reviews 8
The Role of Feedback in a Review 10
How It's Done 11
A Closer Look at Authoritative Feedback 15
A Closer Look at Impact Feedback 18
Comparing Authoritative and Impact Feedback 21
When to Use Authoritative and Impact Feedback 22
Framework for a Feedback Message 25
Feedback Follow-up 27
Suggested Readings 30
Background 31
Key Point Summary 31

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