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Discovering the Leader in You Workbook

Once you have completed the exercises and tasks outlined in the workbook, you will be able to

  • Clarify your purpose for leading, based on a clear leadership vision and a core set of values
  • Articulate your leadership strengths and areas for development
  • Understand who you are as a leader in the context of both your work and your personal life
  • Determine when and why you feel unclear or stuck in your leadership journey

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Product Specifications
Table of Contents

Product Specifications:

  • Publisher: Jossey-Bass / An Imprint of Wiley
  • Stock Number (Print): 8025
  • Stock Number (eBook): N/A
  • ISBN Number (Print): 978-0-470-60531-8
  • ISBN Number (eBook): N/A
  • Author: Sara N. King, David Altman, Robery J. Lee
  • Copyright: ©2011
  • Number of Pages: 142 Pages

Table of Contents

Discovering the Leader in You Workbook, Jossey-Bass Publishers/a Wiley Imprint, 2011
Preface ix
1. Where does Leadership Fit in Your Life? 1
2. Organizational Realities, Demands, and Expectations 15
3. Your Leadership Vision 33
4. Your Leadership Motivations and Values 47
5. Your Leadership Profile 67
6. Personal Realities, Demands, and Expectations 91
7. Action Planning 115
Readings and Resources 133