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Developmental Assignments: Creating Learning Experiences without Changing Jobs (Spanish)

In the years since that report was published, we have learned more about development in place—from research, from working with managers and organizations that are making use of developmental assignments, and from our colleagues in the field. We believe it is time once again to consolidate our knowledge into one tool to help leaders add developmental assignments to their own jobs and help others do the same. The tables inside this book are full of assignments. You'll also find cross-references to CCL's assessment tools: 360 BY DESIGN®, Executive Dimensions®, Benchmarks®, Prospector®, and SKILLSCOPE®. If you want to target the development of specific competencies as a result of receiving feedback from any of these, the cross-references will direct you to appropriate assignments.

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Product Specifications
Table of Contents

Product Specifications:

  • Publisher: CCL Press
  • Stock Number (Print): 189ES
  • Stock Number (eBook): 189ESe
  • ISBN Number (Print): 978-1-60491-008-7
  • ISBN Number (eBook): 978-1-60491-030-8
  • Author: Cynthia D. McCauley
  • Copyright: ©2006
  • Number of Pages: 64 Pages

Available from CCL Press in both print and Adobe Digital Edition eBook formats.

This title is also available in the following languages:

Table of Contents

Developmental Assignments: Creating Learning Experiences without Changing Jobs, CCL Press, 2006
Chapter 1: Background
Chapter 2: Development in Place
Chapter 3: Challenge-Driven Assignments
Chapter 4: Competency-Driven Assignments
Appendix A: Resources
Appendix B: Developmental Assignment Plan Template
Appendix C: 360 by Design Cross-References
Appendix D: Executive Dimensions Cross-References
Appendix E: Benchmarks Cross-References
Appendix F: Prospector Cross-References
Appendix G: Skillscope Cross-References