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Building Character: Strengthening the Heart of Good Leadership

Without presenting an overarching moral code or a prescriptive code of behavior, this book offers leaders and managers a practical model complete with the tools, information, and processes to develop character in leaders at all levels. The author explains the role character plays in leadership success and effectiveness and outlines how character can be developed through the Five E's—Example, Education, Experience, Evaluation, and Environment. Building Character is a dynamic guide that will help any organization develop leaders using a process that is based on good fundamentals, best practices, and common sense.


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Product Specifications
Table of Contents

Product Specifications:

  • Publisher: Jossey-Bass / An Imprint of Wiley
  • Stock Number (Print): 2237
  • Stock Number (eBook): N/A
  • ISBN Number (Print): 0-7879-8151-6
  • ISBN Number (eBook): N/A
  • Author: Gene Klann
  • Copyright: ©2007
  • Number of Pages: 202 Pages

Table of Contents

Building Character: Strengthening the Heart of Good Leadership, Jossey-Bass and CCL, 2007
Preface vii
Acknowledgments ix
About the Author xi
1. Character and Leadership 1
2. Five Influential Attributes 21
3. Example 49
4. Experience 65
5. Education 89
6. Environment 111
7. Evaluation 127
8. Next Steps 151
Appendix A: Personal Values 163
Appendix B: Assessing Leadership Character 167
Appendix C: A Checklist of Good Leader Behaviors 169
Appendix D: Leadership Character Scenarios 183
Appendix E: Integrated Plan for Developing Leadership Character 189
References and Suggested Readings 193
Index 202
About the Center for Creative Leadership 209