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Boundary Spanning Leadership: Six Practices for Solving Problems, Driving Innovation, and Transforming Organizations

Powered by a decade of global research and practice by the top-ranked Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), this book will introduce you to practical tools and tactics to apply the six boundary spanning practices that occur at the nexus where groups collide, intersect, and link:

  • Buffering defines boundaries to create safety
  • Reflecting creates understanding of boundaries to foster respect
  • Connecting suspends boundaries to build trust
  • Mobilizing reframes boundaries to develop community
  • Weaving interlaces boundaries to advance interdependence
  • Transforming cross-cuts boundaries to enable reinvention
Read the first chapter for an introduction to Boundary Spanning Leadership.

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Product Specifications
Table of Contents

Product Specifications:

  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishers
  • Stock Number (Print): 2325
  • Stock Number (eBook): N/A
  • ISBN Number (Print): 978-0071638876
  • ISBN Number (eBook): N/A
  • Author: Chris Ernst, Donna Chrobot-Mason
  • Copyright: ©2011
  • Number of Pages: 301 Pages

Table of Contents

Boundary Spanning Leadership, McGraw-Hill Publishers, 2011
Foreword by Marian N. Ruderman xv
Preface xxi
Acknowledgements xxix
Introduction 1
PART 1 The Forces That Pull Us Apart And Bring Us Together 15
Chapter 1: The Shifting Leadership Landscape 17
Chapter 2: Us And Them: Why Identity Matters 40
Chapter 3: Intergroup Boundaries: The Great Divide 57
PART 2 Managing Boundaries 81
Chapter 4: Buffering: Creating Safety 84
Chapter 5: Reflecting: Fostering Respect 104
PART 3 Forging Common Ground 127
Chapter 6: Connecting: Building Trust 130
Chapter 7: Mobilizing: Developing Community 150
PART 4 Discovering New Frontiers 169
Chapter 8: Weaving: Advancing Interdependence 172
Chapter 9: Transforming: Enabling Reinvention 190
PART 5 The Nexus Effect 219
Chapter 10: The Nexus Effect and You 221
Epilogue: Toward An Interdependent, Collaborative Future 247
Appendix A: About the Research 255
Appendix B: Boundary Spanning Leadership Summary Table 269
Appendix C: Where To Go Next: CCL Resources For Boundary Spanning Leadership 273
Notes 281
Index 291