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myCCL, is a portal where leaders can connect to CCL resources and research. CCL's educational mission compels us to share as much of our organizational and individual leadership research with you as possible. There are three types of membership - Free, Premium, and Lifetime. All Open Enrollment participants receive a free membership providing them access to necessary pre-program assessments and post-program evaluations unique to the participant.


Leverage myCCL Premium to grow your network and your knowledge while taking advantage of discounts on CCL Press Publications and Webinars. A Premium membership provides access to expanded discounts and leadership resources.

Compare the benefits of myCCL Free and myCCL Premium below.

myCCL Premium is on sale for a limited time, so become a myCCL Premium Annual ($199) or Lifetime ($399) member today!

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Membership Benefits

myCCL myCCL Premium
Discounts & Perks FREE $199 Annually
CCL Press Publications 5% 20%*
CCL Press Tools & Self-Assessments 10%
CCL eLearning Courses 10%
CCL Labs - Emerging beta products of our latest research 40%
Webinars - Over 120 live or on-demand webinars are available to you check.PNG  70%
1 Free per Month**
Speakers Bureau - Brings top-notch leadership experts directly to you check.PNG
10% Off 1 Booking^
Articles & White Papers - Explore hundred of articles on relevant leadership topics check.PNG check.PNG
Research Findings & Reports - Mine CCL's latest research on leadership topics check.PNG check.PNG
Leadership Quotes Database - Access powerful leadership quotes check.PNG
Podcasts - Listen on the go to grow your leadership skills check.PNG check.PNG
Videos - Quick access to great leadership topics check.PNG check.PNG
Lead Management Tool - An interactive learning tool check.PNG

*Does not apply to quantity discount
**A value of $1,144 a year
^ Does not include materials & speaker's travel expenses. Can be used once, annually


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