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Visual Explorer Facilitator’s Guide

Grounded in research and practice, the Visual Explorer™ Facilitator's Guide provides a method for supporting collaborative, creative conversations about complex issues through the power of images. The guide is available as a component in the Visual Explorer Facilitator's Letter-sized Set, Visual Explorer Facilitator's Post card-sized Set, Visual Explorer Playing Card-sized Set, and is also available as a stand-alone title for purchase to assist multiple tool users in an organization.

Learn more about each of the Leadership Explorer tools and how they can help you solve complex problems with creative leadership.

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Price: $25.00


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Visual Explorer Facilitator's Guide,
CCL Press
Introduction 6
What Is Visual Explorer? 6
What Does Visual Explorer Do?                                    8
Using Visual Explorer 9  9
How Does Visual Explorer Work?                                   9
When Should Visual Explorer Be Used?                             11
Why Should Visual Explorer Be Used?                              15
Who Can Conduct a Visual Explorer Session?                        18
Preparing for Visual Explorer 19
Creating Effective Framing Questions                              19
Session Checklist                                               21
Conducting a Visual Explorer Session  25
Step-by-Step Instructions                                         25
I Can Do That! Best Practices for Visual Explorer                      34
Visual Explorer Applications 36
Enabling Dialogue                                               37
Facing Complex Challenges                                       41
Strategic Leadership                                            46
Change Leadership                                              49
Creative Problem Solving                                        52
Visioning                                                     60
Creating Scenarios of the Future                                   63
Appreciative Inquiry                                              68
Individual Coaching                                              71
Team Coaching                                                75
Leadership Development Programs                                78
Feedback and Performance Appraisals                              81
Ethnography and Market Research                                 84
Evaluation                                                    88
Youth and Young Adult Education                                  93
Retreats and Off-site Meetings                                    96
References and Resources 100
Visual Explorer Worksheet 106
Frequently Asked Questions  107
About the Authors 112